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Ironwood Center


Ironwood Center, located in the North Spokane Financial Center, at the corner of Division Street and Cozza Drive, is a mixed-use development providing 21,000 square feet of commercial space. As a part of a 9.3-acre development stretching for one-fourth of a mile along Spokane’s busiest arterial, Ironwood Center features an outstanding visual identity.

As part of the architectural scheme which blends the North Spokane Financial Center development, the beautifully landscaped Ironwood facility features a distinctive horizontally striated fascia. Each tenant space is provided with restroom facilities as well as high-efficiency heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. Completed tenant improvements can usually be available within four to eight weeks of lease execution.


Traffic counts on Division Street are presently 40,800 cars per day and, in its capacity as U.S. Route 2 and 395, Division is the main conduit for Canadian traffic traveling to and from Spokane. Subsequently exposure is excellent from Division and further enhanced by the traffic light and the flow of traffic at the busy Division and Cozza Drive intersection.

Also located on Cozza behind the Ironwood Center is Costco, featuring gas.

Ironwood Center, is also surrounded by the following neighboring businesses within a one-mile radius: Home Depot, Eagle Hardware, Circuit City, Hastings, Albertsons, and Rite Aid.


Currently up to 16,000 square feet is available for lease. Lease terms range from three to ten years for building standard finish space with NO PERCENTAGE RENTS. This includes demising walls sheet-rocked, taped and painted. Dropped ceilings, lights, high-efficiency furnace for heating/ventilating/air-conditioning on an “open space” basis and a finished restroom.


Ironwood Center has ample parking on Division Street wrapping all around the building and additional stalls are available in the adjacent Costco parking lot.


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