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Leasing and Property Management


Investment in income-producing real estate is an opportunity that has both risk and potential rewards. Quality property management and leasing is vital to the success of any real estate investment.

The management and leasing team of R.W. Robideaux & Company is dedicated to the creation of value and maximizing returns in real estate. We begin by developing an individualized, detailed management and leasing plan designed to preserve and increase the value of each property we manage. We work closely with the owners to tailor these management and leasing plans to meet their needs and objectives.

The full range of services we provides and the professional skills of our account executives allow the owner to feel confident that his/her investment is producing maximum returns and receiving our full attention. As an independent and private company, R. W. Robideaux & Company owe our allegiance exclusively to our clients and not to an organization with properties or salespeople that may directly compete. We deal with each client on a strictly objective, “non-conflict of interest” basis.


Maximizing the value of an owner’s investment begins with the management of income. To generate maximum income, the property must reach and maintain an optimal occupancy and rental rate level. Through detailed research and an in-depth familiarity with local markets, we assist in the design of a targeted an effective advertising and promotion plan for property. For new properties, we help the property achieve high occupancy quickly, during the crucial, initial rent-up phase. Once sustained occupancy is achieved, we constantly monitor changes in the local market and remain prepared to capitalize on any opportunity.


R.W. Robideaux & Company holds expenses to the lowest level which still enables the property to achieve its optimum market position and rent income. Therefore owners can receive the full value for every expenditure made on their property.


Our management and leasing support staff provides finance, cost control, bookkeeping, and reporting services for each property. Our accounting process utilizes state-of-the-art computer technology and a well-organized system of checks and balances. This enables us to generate timely and accurate reports including monthly rent rolls, turnover analyses, actual versus budgeted cash flow, and taxable income reports. These reports are available for management and owner review. Bank balances are also monitored regularly and excess funds are invested to obtain maximum returns.


Our goal is to provide professional, personalized service and profitable results to real estate investors. The management and leasing team of R.W. Robideaux & Company strives to achieve increased value for our clients and to maintain the highest standard of excellence in every aspect of its work.

The success that we have attained in management and leasing involves everyone from maintenance to manager, and receptionist to president taking a great deal of pride in making contributions to the achievement of the clients we represent. Hard work, personal commitment, careful planning and dedication on the part of each team member have made providing quality service to each client, ownership, and tenant our trademark in the industry.

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